Betsoft Casinos

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Betsoft Casinos

Betsoft is a leader within the UK online casino industry. Not only in that region, but around the world as well. This brand is the leader in technology right now as they were the first to introduce 3D gaming for players from home. Even in land-based casinos, the technology isn’t quite as good and so for players to be able to stay home and play, is a great thing. The company was started in 2012 where the sole focus was to create games for players that they could take with them via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Since some of the other casinos weren’t able to offer gaming of that caliber, this was a great place to start. Not only was the brand introducing casinos to smartphones and tablets, they were also offering 3D gaming to these devices too.

Computer Gaming

The games offered by Betsoft are second to none and players will love that their gaming experience at casinos that offer this software is unique and hasn’t been seen before. When a player logs onto a website that offers this platform, they’ll have the ability to play a new game each and every time they visit the casino. At Betsoft casinos, players will have the Slots3 technology which is exclusive to this brand. The 3D graphics are the best in technology and offer a more realistic approach to gaming online. At the casinos that offer this software, players will have an instant play offering which is powered by Flash technology. This is a great option for players because they’ll simply access the games right through the browser without a download.

Mobile Gaming

In addition to playing through the browser, players will have a mobile platform that offers a lesser number of games but is packed with fun for those with tablets or smartphones. Also with the mobile platform, players won’t need to download a thing. They will simply visit the website and from there, they can play the games through their browser. When a player uses mobile gaming, they will have the same great experience that was found at the UK online casino of their choice. The games are scaled down a small amount to be able to accommodate for the smaller screens and processors that tablets and smartphone run off of. If you’ve found a favorite on the mobile platform, chances are you’ll find it on the desktop version of the casino as well.

Betsoft Summary

Overall, this is one of the best online casino platforms that are available to players. Sometimes you’ll see it as a standalone program for games and other times, you’ll see it paired with other companies to make for an even better online casino gaming experience. Other software brands don’t have the 3D technology that Betsoft has, so you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference from one brand to another.