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Belgium has been a member of the European Union since January 1st, 1958, it was one of the founder members, and has Brussels as capital, being Brussels also the informal capital of Europe. It has an area of 30 528 km² and a population of 11 258 434, statistics of 2015. The currency of Belgium has been the Euro since January 1st 1999, date of its creation, and the official languages are Dutch, French and German.

In Belgium, pretty much as anywhere else in the world, when deciding to play online or in brick and mortar casinos, the convenience of playing on our phone, computer, tablet and connecting immediately to our entertainment site is definitely a big plus.

More, the lower overhead costs that operators have with online gambling makes possible that better odds are offered to the players, as well as bonuses and promotions, and that can be hardly ever seen in the physical casinos.

Finally, and even if licensing is strict in Belgium, there are certified quality operators, and this assures safe and secure online gambling, something like a prerequisite so that we can have fun gambling without further worries. Some of the most famous online casinos worldwide are in fact in Belgium, so that by itself is reassuring of the quality of gambling offered.

Taxes and legislation

The good news in what concerns our winnings when playing in Belgium, these are not taxable because they are not considered earned income. There is the exception for professional poker players, but that’s hardly the majority of recreational players.

Since 2009, when the Gambling Act was legislated, that is forbidden for Belgians to play real money games offered by foreign gambling sites. So basically, online gambling in Belgium is the exclusive responsibility of national companies, and of those who already had licenses before that date. Foreign and unregulated sites are therefore blocked by the government in Belgium.

Language and deposit options

In Belgium three languages are spoken, so an important factor when selecting the best casinos to gamble online are the languages used.

In fact, most online Belgium casinos have the three official languages available, Dutch, French and German, so when accessing them all we have to do is select our preferred language to see it all in that language, from the registration process to the FAQ, and gaming software.

Along with language diversity, also several deposit and withdrawal options are available, pretty much as in any online casino in the world. Credit or debit card are the most common methods to deposit, and withdrawals can be made by wire transfers, even if e-wallets, like Neteller, are a popular solution too.

Where to gamble online in Belgium?

When gambling in Belgium, these are the safe and recommended casinos:

Euro Palace Video Slots Guts Casino
Royal Panda Royal Vegas Mr Green

Gambling online on these casinos assures not only a legal experience but also an entertaining one, as these are top rated and tested casinos.