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Playing Baccarat

Of all the casino games, the one that least requires skill is often Baccarat. Pundits have always argued that you don’t need to know how to play baccarat and that “it’s purely a game of chance and no strategies.”

Playing Baccarat

The game involves drawing two cards one for the player, the other for the casino. Normally the winning odds favor the house. Statistically, the house edge is normally placed at 1%. This game is, however, famous owing to its simplicity and randomness of results. The game is played by comparison between the house and bettors “hands.” This refers to the cards held by any other two parties.

Cards have values against their faces. Usually, face cards like kings, queens, the J, and K have no values. They are assigned zero. The remaining cards are valued as their numerical point value. Aces are assigned a point value of 1. The combination of a players hand is normally determined by the right-hand value. Baccarat has a maximum value of 9.This means if a player gets two cards 7 and 5 in his hands to get the maximum point value 7 and 9 are added. Well, the total of the sum is 16. Since the total is above 9, the point value is 6 since it is the rightmost digit.

A baccarat game has three possible outcomes. When the value of the hand of the player is above the casino and he has a higher score, or when the casino has a higher score or a possible tie of the total point. The player or the casino (otherwise referred to as a bank), emerges as the winner if any of them has a higher value but not exceeding nine. A tie normally results in no loss of bet and no gain of revenue, the value bet remains intact.

The player total value of cards after the first issue of cards determine the player rules. Normally, a result between 0-5, he has the luxury of drawing a third card. However, a value above this translates to a “stand” meaning there is no further card issue. However complex rules govern the Banker upon the player drawing the third card. The banker equally can stand if the value of cards he first drew were above 0-5. These games have the characteristic high stakes and in most casinos, they are played in high-security rooms that are secluded from other parts of the casino. This game is mostly played on a round table and six or more decks of cards are usually used in this game. Given the huge sums, involved taxes are often collected and calculated by a pair of casino staff referred to as ‘dealers’. Each player may deal cards but under instructions and directions of the croupier. The latter is a staff employee of the casino. This game has a shoe that the player issuing cards normally has. Upon declaration of a players win, it is often passed to the winner or the next player on the table. However, if passed to the next player, it has to be in a clockwise direction.

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