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Austria has been a member of the European Union since January 1st, 1995. The capital is Vienna, and even if it’s not a big country, it has an area of 83 879 km² and a population of 8,576,261 – statistics of 2015. As with most European Union members, the currency of Austria has been the Euro since January 1st, 1999, only 4 years after joining the Union. The official language of Austria is German.

Right in line with most other countries in the world, online gambling in Austria has become increasingly popular. The rising demand for online casinos has, in turn, created a demand for more providers to appear in the market offering lucrative bonuses, along with other perks to attract players to this “new” leisure activity.

Given the increase of players, naturally, companies have also developed their software in order to make the experience more appealing. The mobile side of the game in smartphones and tablets is pretty much optimized as well.

The growing offers, players, and developments raise the important question concerning the legality of online casinos.

Online legislation

The most recent legislation in Austria is from June 2010, and the most positive outcome is that allowed small-stakes slot machines to be located anywhere in the country. This law created the concept of “proper” and “small” gambling, being this last the one that involves values of 50 cents or less. On the small gambling category, apart from slots, we can also find the card and low-stakes table games.

To help in this legal diversity, there are separate Austrian states who have individual laws. Considering the volume of financial transactions involved, questions concerning the tax ability of online profits are still being debated by the local government.

Curious enough, access to online gambling sites from other countries is not blocked, so Austrian citizens can also play in international gambling sites. On the other hand, local companies that operate online gambling websites, only accept Austrian players.

Revenue source

Quite a few online casinos are legally operating in Europe and have licenses issued by the European Union, and Austria is not an exception. More, as governments want to cash in as much as possible from online gambling, legislation that enables it has a clear path to advance.

Online gambling legislation also aims, not only to cash-in as much as possible but also to have strict supervision to avoid the dependence of players. With all of this happening, we end up having state-licensed casinos that not only give high profits but are also safer for players in what addiction is concerned.

Online gambling has on its side the pressure from Brussels and the EU Commission, to end the monopoly the state holds on gambling. Many questions are still open and being debated, namely if we can collect our online winnings from gambling tax-free, but in the case of Austria taxes are not due, as this is seen as unplanned, and therefore not regular, income.

If there is a monopoly in Austria in what concerns the lottery market, meaning only one operator has a license, the casino market has more operators, and there is also the chance of granting additional licenses for poker.

Where to gamble online in Austria?

If you want to gamble online in Austria, here’s a list of available casinos:

Euro Palace Video Slots Guts Casino
Royal Panda Royal Vegas Mr Green

Gambling online on these will guarantee a legal and entertaining experience, with no bad surprises. When we talk about surprises is precise because this industry has developed so quickly that some legal gaps, or gray zones, still exist, so nothing like playing where we know we are safe.