ATMs with facial recognition in casinos? coming soon.

In a move that is probably going to happen very soon in online gambling, the gov´t of Macau is implementing a law that requires facial recognition to be installed on all  ATMs located within casinos.  The move is meant to prevent fraud, and more important, money laundering from illegal activities.  Using casinos in Macau, ATMs have become a very popular method for organized crime to move money around without undergoing gov´t scrutiny.  The problem compounds itself in Macau because of its close relationship with mainland China and many people from China use the casinos in Macau as a way to move money out of mainland China.

More than 50% of visitors to Macau are coming from mainland China, the gov´t of China has taken notice of the amount of capital that is leaving the country via the casinos.  Last year China slapped many restrictions on gambling in Macau, and the latest moves by the gov´t of Macau seem to be preventive measures to appease mainly China and prevent more restrictions.  China has already placed restrictions on that amount of ATM withdrawals, limiting it to slightly more than $1000.  Last year China floated and threatened Macau that they were going to cut that in half to about $500.  The new self-imposed restrictions by Macau will require people to insert their national ID while making a withdrawal and then the facial recognition software will verify the identity of the individual.

There is a strong possibility that this could happen in online gambling where money laundering and fraud are major issues that cut into the profits of many casinos.  It is not an unreal possibility that we will quickly find ourselves in a world where online casinos require facial scans when using credit cards because of the huge amount of fraud that happens in online casinos.  This is one of the reasons online casinos are pushing towards Bitcoins since there is nothing that can be traced, there are no fraud worries since the casino gets the Bitcoins upfront.