Atlantic City continues to transition to Internet for profitability.

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The numbers reported to the NJ Gaming commission continue to show that despite the resurgence of tourism to Atlantic City, the casino located there are not prospering as much as one would expect.   Five of the Seven casinos still operating in Atlantic City showed year over year growth, but the total haul pulled in by Atlantic City was less than last year because of the recent closing of the Tah Mahal, which was opened by Donald Trump.  There were many reasons given for the flat profits by hotels including weather and ironically, luck.  It seems like table players at the casinos won at a higher rate this year than they did a year prior.

But the important news is the explosion of online gambling coming through the Atlantic City Casinos.  In fact, in the absence of online gambling in Atlantic City, there would have been a substantial dip in profits.   Overall Internet casino gambling from the Atlantic City-based casinos was up over 20% year over year, with with the Golden Nugget casino itself reporting a more than 60% increase in online gambling through its´s casino.  As the numbers continue to show strong results for Atlantic City Casinos and their online activity, you can expect more marketing, promotions, and perks available at their internet based properties.

Because of the temporary closing of the Taj Mahal, it is difficult to access if there is indeed a recovery happening in Atlantic City, not until the Taj Mahal opens again in 2018 under the operations of Hard Rock will year over year comparison be useful.  But one thing that is not a doubt, especially at the Golden Nugget and Borgata, the way to increased profitability is the growth that has been seen in online gambling co-promoted with brick-and-mortar casinos.