Advantage Play

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Gambling is a great hobby, it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family, but there is no question that we all love to win too.

To win we need to be concentrated, to keep a focus, but this isn’t always enough. That is why we are talking today about Advantage Play, nothing more than legal techniques that can help us win more often.

Most likely the most well-known form of advantage play is card counting. If we have the capacity to count the cards, we can get an advantage playing blackjack or other cards games.

We need to be advised though that even if advantage play is not cheating or illegal, in some areas casinos are still allowed to ban us if they believe we are doing it.

Naturally that this practice is currently being judicially reviewed for the regions where is still possible because, after all, no laws are being broken.

Winning more often

If our skills are good, if we can indeed start to win more, we might start to be called an Advantage Player, and this just means that we are able to understand the game to a point that we get an advantage against other players or even the house. It’s all about skills!

We were talking about card counting as the most common way of advantage play, but when talking about video poker, it’s possible to learn the card strategy for the game with computer programs that are for sale even at the casinos.

More ways to get an advantage

Basically, there are ways to gain an advantage in any type of gambling. Let’s look at the sports or horse betting. To gain an advantage here we need to place arbitrage bets that are nothing more than making bets with different bookmakers that will allow us to make a profit regardless of the results.

Certainly, that requires a lot of time and analysis to spot these situations, but it might be worth the effort in order to have a win-win situation. Usually, it involves a lot of money because the return from these bets is little over 1%, so it’s obviously not for everyone.

And why not take advantage of the free bonuses offered by sports betting sites or casinos? These are made specially to attract players, but are nevertheless great opportunities to cash in, considering we are aware of the wagering requirements.

Keeping the focus

Keeping the focus is the best we can do to gain an advantage because only this way we can realize in which games we can get advantage play, and in which ones we don’t. We have to keep it real and don’t think we are invincible.

Let’s take poker for example, how much skill do we have to make a profit playing it? Are we better off in soft tables with lower, but more certain profits, or do we want to swim with the sharks and risk losing it all?

Also, how good are we analyzing facial expressions? How good are we hiding ours and our emotions? All this added up will give us the advantage play and the change to win more often at our favorite game.