Addicted to Gambling

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We have said it a number of times, and we will say it again, gambling is supposed to be entertainment, but those who take it too far can get addicted, and when that happens fun stops, and the consequences can be devastating.

Risking our money playing gives a big excitement, and the possibility of winning one month’s income in one hand is highly tempting too.

It’s precisely when we start seeing this money making possibilities coming from gambling when we start to see it as a source of income and we don’t define ourselves rules that we start getting addicted.

Using Star Wars terminology, we do not want to fall into the Dark Side of gambling, we just want to have fun, and for this, we need to avoid addiction.


How can we realize if we are having a blast or if we are starting to get addicted? It’s all a matter of compulsion. When we gamble we are having fun, but we can stop at any time; if this desire to gamble becomes out of control, we are certainly already addicted.

If we think of it it’s not so different than the addiction to other substances or habits, it’s something people can’t stop doing, and that has all sort of bad consequences.

When we are playing at all costs, no matter what, it just means we have crossed the line, and we are addicted to gambling, and from that point on family or finances come second, everything else comes second.

Gambling addiction is a well-known problem and Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is the entity that gives support to those in need. They have available on their site questions that enable people to realize if they are addicted or not if they can manage their time and money in what gambling is concerned with.

What we should ask ourselves is if we are skipping work/school because of gambling, if we feel remorse after gambling, if we gamble in order to get money to solve of financial issues, and so on and on.

Gamblers anonymous has an extensive list of questions that will allow us to realize how gambling addiction affects our life.

Yes or no?

The first step of addiction is always admitting we do have a problem, so we must start there, denying it will just prolong the addiction.

Asking ourselves those questions available on the GA site and seeing what the answers are will be enlightening. Apart from the GA site, there are also local resources that can help us, considering we are ready to be helped and to quit the addiction.

One other option we have is auto-exclusion from casinos, what just means that we ask not to be accepted at the casinos, and from that point on if we try to gamble it’s considered a crime punished by law.

Gambling is fun, it’s entertainment, and when it becomes more than that it’s time to stop, it’s time to seek help.